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1 %
Opt In Rate

 Opt-In Rate to lead magnet landing page and Facebook advertising campaign

1 %
Return On Ad Spend

ROAS from comprehensive Facebook Advertising Campaign Strategy

$ 1

Revenue from 72 enrollments into e-learning course


Our client released their first e-learning course to market in 2016. During the initial product launch they had experienced over $100K in revenue, however after the launch they suffered from a sales slump that had lasted several months.

In an effort to turn things around, our client engaged PupDigital to collaborate with on a structured, comprehensive marketing strategy.

The existing business model consisted of a single landing page with no integrated email marketing, no clear call to actions or any supporting advertising campaigns to drive sales or leads.


PupDigital developed and project managed the sales and marketing strategy end-to-end for this e-learning course. We determined that in order to achieve maximum results, we needed to create a marketing funnel that initially attracted leads using a lead magnet, nurtured them and then converted them into course enrollments.

Working with an e-learning product provided some clear advantages. We were able to utilise a module from the course as a free downloadable lesson (the lead magnet) that was very high value to prospective students. In doing so, we were able to attract qualified prospects into our sales funnel. They showed interest and intent in the free course so we could assume a percentage of those would convert into e-course enrollments.

We had to ensure that the leads were nurtured via series of emails. We utilised a lead nurture system which has been proven to work in many different industries. With this system we were able to build a stronger relationship with leads and drive them to take action using scarcity and urgency tactics.

Using Facebook Ads to initially drive lead opt-ins, and then to retarget these leads to purchase the full course provided us with a solid foundation for our advertising strategy. By testing audiences for the lead magnet, we were also able to garner strong results with a campaign targeted to achieving direct course sales.

Finally, strongly converting landing pages were developed for the lead magnet, the full e-course and a special offer page (which was designed for new leads). We looked after the design, copy writing and integrations between all platforms ensuring a seamless user experience, the least amount of effort required by the client to manage contacts, and strong reporting structures.


On day one of the campaign, we acquired two direct sales of the course which gave us a strong, convincing start.

In total, 2,143 leads were generated with an opt-in rate of 44.63%. 73 enrollments with $21,037.37 in revenue was attributed to our campaigns. There was a total ad spend of $3,810.37 making the total Return on Ad Spend 552% (for every $1 spent, there was $5.52 in revenue). The total investment for all services and ad spend was $10,473, making the total Return on Investment 200.87%.


“I would highly recommend Daniella to manage your digital marketing strategy. Daniella managed a range of my digital marketing activities, including advertising, landing pages and email marketing. She was extremely knowledgeable in the industry, knew the best strategy for my business, and was great at providing feedback in an easy to understand way. She communicated with me regularly, reporting on the key stats and ensure we were both on the same page for the duration of the project.

Above all this she was able to get me over 500% Return on Ad Spend for the duration of the campaigns!”