Video Ad Sequencing Is Here

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Earlier this year, Google announced they were going to introduce Video Ad Sequencing.  This November, they have announced this tool is available globally in Google Ads. Video Ad Sequencing is a powerful tool that will drive a lot more meaningful interactions between businesses and their target audiences.

What Is Video Ad Sequencing

Video ad sequencing allows a brand to tell a product or brand story through a series of videos in a defined order.  A user will see each video in progression based on impressions of that video. The campaign will be set up as a series of steps.  When the campaign is set live, a user will see the first step in the sequence. Once they see step one, they will move to step two.  This will continue for each step in the sequence until every step has been shown to the user.

Storytelling is one of the key ways marketers drive brand messages.  Storytelling builds relationships with an audience by sharing insights, drawing on emotion and relating to their target markets’ pain points.  Using video to help share your story can be extremely impactful – more so than simply text or image ads.

Video Ad Sequencing - Google Ads

What results can you expect?

Google conducted a study with Ipsos and found that sequences of 6-second ads and TrueView ads drive brand lift across the customer journey.  They found they had a 118% lift of Ad recall ad 40% lift in purchase intent with a 6-second ad followed by a TrueView ad.  Using video ad sequencing can add valuable touch points to your customer journey. Video is an easy medium to consume and is becoming increasingly popular amongst advertisers.  Using video ad sequencing is just another way you can amplify the results of your video advertising.

What creative should you use?

The research with Ipsos found that sequences using the same creative cut in different ways were better at driving top of funnel actions (like Ad Recall).  Using different creative messages were better at driving action (like Purchase Intent). Experiment with different formats and sequences to test different outcomes, and of course ensure they are in line with your overall business goals.


Use the power of storytelling to connect with your audience using Video Ad Sequencing.  Add meaningful touch points to your customer journey in a way that makes sense for your business and your target market.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with different sequences to see what effect each has on your brand awareness and conversion rates.  If you want some help with getting started with Video Ad Sequences, contact our team today. We’d love to help.


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